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10 Years
Of Experience
Behind The Wheel 

About Us


My name is Kelly Marsh and I will be your in car certified driving instructor to help you learn how to drive a car and practice for your DPS Authorized Driving Test.


My company Drive2u was created after working for Texas Department of Public Safety – Drivers License Division for 4 years administering DPS Authorized Road Test to obtain a driver’s license. I started Drive2u after I left DPS because I would see so many drivers making the same mistake over and over because they did not know what it took to pass the DPS Road Test.


My goal is to help you practice today and drive tomorrow. I will start you off by learning inside and outside of the car to actually driving out of a parking lot. As I am making this dream come true- I would like to cater to your special needs student who may have a disability, make them feel comfortable behind the wheel and gain confidence that “they too can drive”.


Please feel free to call and discuss how I can help you.

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